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Deaf Alerter is a radio-based fire alarm warning and public address messaging system for Deaf and hard of hearing people. It solves the problem that they cannot hear audible alarm or public address systems.

Deaf Alerter helps you meet your obligations under: Health & Safety, Disability Discrimination, the Regulatory Reform (fire Safety) Order and the Civil Contingencies Act.

It is a legal requirement to advise everyone in a building of a fire evacuation and this includes Deaf people. The traditional approach to cater for Deaf people has been to install a few flashing lights (beacons) in those areas considered at high risk. However, recent changes to laws and British Standards require that if beacons are to be used they must be located throughout the building - in most cases in every room to prevent discrimination, as you cannot control the movement of a Deaf person in a building. In the majority of buildings the Deaf Alerter approach provides more effective evacuation messages directly to the deaf person wherever they are in the building and at considerably lower cost.

Every building equipped with a Deaf Alerter transmitter displays the Deaf Alerter sign at each entrance.  On seeing the Deaf Alerter sign a Deaf person knows that their own Alerter (or one borrowed from the building's reception) will operate anywhere within that building. The Alerter has the ability to roam from building to building on a single campus, as well as from buildings across the country, even overseas! This is a function of our patented All Call roaming concept.

As the clear market leader, Deaf Alerter is widely installed in the UK in thousands of buildings as well as many in other countries.

Deaf Alerter is primarily used for fire alarm and public address messaging. It can also be used for bomb evacuation warning, personal on-site paging (text messages), equipment alarm warning and security staff messaging.

In residential properties the system is enhanced with the Night Cradle to provide messaging and wake-up features for Deaf people whilst in bed.

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